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St. Mary's University

This was another awesome trip. 1st of all St Mary's University treated us to lunch and a tour. Our gracious tour guide showed us all the different and wonderful things that St. Mary's has to offer. We were taking into labs, classrooms, libraries, gym areas and more. She was very informative highlighting both the academic offerings and overall campus life as a SMU student.She also talked about the special $8,000.00 O2 Scholarship.

Above is the spectacular view from a residence room overlooking the track and football field. There just so happened to be an elementary track event going on that day.
Below are some ground level pictures of the campus. As you can see it was a great day.

Finally, we were given some parting gifts and we were on our way to check in @ the Hampton.
That evening we ate and shopped @ the Micmac Mall and went to the movies.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport  
We were met that morning by Bob our tour guide. Great guy. The airport is a large newly renovated international airport. The bulk of our tour was to be introduced to the various security departments and get an understanding of their role and operations that keep us and our environment safe. Fortunately for us, Middleton school allowed us to join them on their tour.
We started our tour with immigration. We saw where people are some times strip searched. They informed us that if it is required and whenever possible, only female officers may search a female suspect and a male office search a male suspect. In the case of cross gender suspects, the appropriate sex office will examine the portion of the body of the suspect.
This fancy toilet is used to retrieve items that a suspect may have within their system. They can be made to have up to 3 bowl movements. Sadly we were informed of a young gentleman who recently passed 2 tubes of cocaine but said that was all he was smuggling. Unfortunately, there remained a third tube inside his body. The officers believed him as he was now busted and there certainly would be nothing to gain. However, later that night, the tube ruptured and he died of an overdose.
Another part of their job is to make sure insects and disease are not brought into our country. Often they have to confiscate items people are bringing into our country. We were impressed with how small a hole bugs need to hide in such souvenirs. 

Then we went to the other end, boarding. It was really cool to see our stuff being x-rayed.

From here we went to the observation deck to see the tarmac and meet other various level; of security.

The airport and RCMP officers were very nice and informative, but the highlight was the bomb dog. There are actually 3 kinds of dogs. One for sniffing out food, one for drugs and this guy; the bomb dog. They hide bomb making materials in the room and after a bit, they brought him in and set him on the chase. You don't want to get in his way when he is on is mission. Otherwise, he was surprisingly nice and affectionate.

Finally, Bob gave us some parting gifts and we were off to the races. It was a great experience once again and there were some eye openers indeed. Hats off to our wonderful hosts that insured us a fulfilling trip.