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 O2 came to Dalbrae in Sept, 2009. As a result, all of Dalbrae has been privy to new Options & Opportunities. 

First things, first; we had to do some major renovations in the "shop", to make room for new programming. We eventually took out the wall separating the multi purpose room and the very small wood shop.  We took out cupboards and built a new tool board in their place.
Funding from O2 permitted us to purchase much needed tools and equipment. The shop was now starting to take shape and was seeing some action. Finally there was a pulse in hands on education that students could see practical results.  

The board further supported our new initiative by coming through for the materials to build picnic tables to enhance our grounds. As you can see; they have quickly become hives of activity,....especially on those nice warm days.

Things were a buzz inside and out. We began the large project of erecting bleachers up at the soccer field. To view the process of this exciting project,
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O2 is an empowering program. It was off to a swift start @ Dalbrae, and you could feel the strength of the current in this tide of change...and was all good!

One of our first construction initiatives was to build picnic tables to enhance the school grounds. They were instantly put to use, not just a social centres but as workbenches for other construction projects.