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The first step in figuring out where you are going in life is to take stock of what brought you to where you are today in the first place. Opportunities no doubt play a big role along our journey, as does our choices in life. However, the direction we are steered by our successes and disappointments along the way are greatly controlled by our  inherent and developed skills, interests and attitudes. Using Shrek's analogy with Donkey, "Onions have layers" ...and so do we. We need get to the core to truly understand the whole. Not often do we take the time to see beyond the surface. We miss out as a result of seeing what lies underneath the surface. Rarely do take the time to critically analyze our own self, less the "why" behind "what" chemistry makes up our being. This may all sound convoluted, but let's start examining ourselves from an outside looking in perspective and consider how we make use of our brain.

The brain made simple is a link that illustrates how the two sides of our brain deals with different aspects of our every day life. Take a look at the content and take the short quiz at the bottom to see how well you understand how the two hemispheres.

The left side of the brain is responsible for controlling the right side of the body. It is actually believed to be responsible for performing tasks that have to do with language and logic, such as in science and mathematics. For example you would be using the right side of your brain when:

*        calculating using formulas in math or physics class

*        reading and interpreting blueprints in skill trades

*        following recopies or cutting out patterns in family studies

*        Translating English to Gaelic, Micmac, or French

On the other hand, the right hemisphere coordinates the left side of the body, and performs tasks that have do with creativity and the arts, and is where our intuition and imagination is determined. As a result, the following are examples of the kinds of things that employ the use of the left side of your brain:

*        making a painting on a ceiling tile in art class

*        doing an improv in your drama class

*        designing a shelf in tech ed

*        writing stories in English class

Depending on how and to what degree we make use of either side of our brain has much to do in determining our personality and and choices in life.


Check this out>>>Characteristics if left brain dominant. Copy the characteristics and advice given for left brain students in document 1. You will need them later.

Check this out>>>Characteristics if right brain dominant. Copy the characteristics and advice given for right brain students in document 1.

   *        In a couple of lines describe in your own words how the left and right side of your brain plays a role in determining your personality.

*        (follow that with a paragraph) Using the links above and the results of the 30 second brain test, based on your understanding of right vs left brain, describe how you would you describe yourself? ... are you more one side than the other? (for example: do you agree with the above findings? Do you see yourself as 60% left and 40% right or perhaps 30% left and 70% right) Perhaps you see yourself pretty much balanced at 50/50-L&R
Note: Everyone is different and no situation is better than the other. Remember to comment (support) on how you determined where you see yourself!!  

*       Then, finally comment on how the test results compare to your original guess of how you saw yourself as being right or left brain dominant or right and left brain balanced.