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  This project was Dalbrae's first major  student driven "construction" project. The mandate was to erect three 3 tier, 16 foot bleachers for the public to watch soccer games, track events and so on.
  Once we established the the site location, we had to survey and prepare the area.
  Due to the fact the location was at the crest of the hill, we had to produce a level base to accommodate the bleachers. Students directed the gravel trucks and levelled off the base where they were to be erected.
  The lumber had to be unloaded and sorted so that the components that would later be put together to make the bleachers on the hill, could be cut and assembled.

Some of the components were constructed outside.

   Some of the components were put together in the shop. The components had to be made accurately so that they would fit properly and fit together to form level and square bleachers.
  As the components were completed, we were able to begin erecting the bleachers on site.

Once the frame was erected, the seating and rails were secured.