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Canada Games 2011/Millwright and Carpenter Trades College multi-Certification Excursion

This was a very different initiative in that it included Dalbrae O2 and non O2 students, as well as Cape Breton Highland Judo Club Members. So we had students from Bayview and Dalbrae. Everyone was there to experience the games, especially the Judo competitions. Some were there primarily for Judo, others were there to take in some judo and to complete a number of industrial certifications @ the Carpenter Millwright Trades College (CMTC).

There were app 40 students on this trip. Our first stop was at the Chinese Restaurant in Truro. The food was great and it was a great chance for everyone to get acquainted.
For some it was the first time they actually saw a judo match. For the rest, it was the first time seeing judo at this level.
Some were surprised to see a familiar face refereeing at the games. We saw a local person from CBHJC working as the game's videographer. Another local person and one of Dalbrae's own, was a volunteer for the games as well. 
  We saw lots of exciting matches including the NS Women's gold metal winner.
The climax had to be we witnessed a local boy win the Gold. The energy and electricity of Nova Scotia fans was something to be a part of. You can see him below hugging his mom. It was awesome! All the students on the trip wrote a paper about judo and the games and everyone agreed that the trip was one to remember
Judo was not the only sport we took in. We saw a number of local girls, including a Dalbrae student playing hockey. The game was truly lob sided in our favor, but in the dying seconds of the game the girls from the Yukon got their first shot on goal and scored.....It was sooo exciting for them, and they had displayed such good sportsmanship,....It was a beautiful thing to see.

Carpenter Millwright Trades College (CMTC).

O2 and some co-op Students had completed 2 days of theory @ Dalbrae towards their forklift, Ariel lift, fall arrest and scaffolding safety certifications. It was time for 2 days of practical training to complete the certifications.
Basically we just hung around for a while the first day. We were hoisted up in a scissor lift, and left suspended in the air when they would lower the lift from under our feet. We learned that heights are not for everyone. They had us attempt to lift ourselves up into the the harness into a sitting position. It was very difficult, but it could save your life.
If you thought that was high, check this out. The ariel lift had us free standing 40ft in the air.
We also had to pass the forklift test by picking up pallets, driving forwards and backwards through a maze, then finally placing the pallet on the pile.
We were broken into teams to built free standing scaffolding. A couple of teams made it up 4 tiers high. A couple of people were less than comfortable at that hieght.

It was an awesome experience. I'm sure that we will be back.