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  Career Development 10

Career Project

You are to research a career of choice. The brochure or poster must include the following information.

  Overview of the career/ job description

  Education requirements for this job.

  The main things you do in this job. (highlight the typical duties associated to the job)

   5 Interesting facts about this career & 5 other job titles or specialties that relate to this line of work

  Opinion: State why you choose this career and what you interesting about this career.

 Job perspectives in Nova Scotia and 2 other provinces. Some places you can check the job market across Canada is:

Diagrams/pictures are required as part of your presentation!!

<<<The Nova Scotia Government Career "Occupational Videos" web page is a very comprehensive home grown resource that not only provides numerous career videos, but valuable descriptive and current job market information. Once you choose a career; scroll down to see the descriptions and to learn about the job prospects as well as watch the promotional videos at the bottom that highlight aspects of the job.

Note: <<< this button on the right of the page will reveal countless occupations to explore



Description/overview                                 /10

Education requirements                            /10

Career roles                                               /10

Job availability                                          /10

Interesting facts                                         /10

Opinions                                                    /10

Diagrams/pictures                                     /10

Neatness/appealing                                    /10


Total                                                          /80