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Career in the NEWS!

You are search the newspapers or online newspaper articles to find articles that relate to jobs and/or careers, the job market or how our economy is being affected in regards to jobs and careers. Your choices would be best focused on articles that relate to local issues and/or at least Canadian concerns. If you can find recent articles that have an impact on a field that you hope to pursue would give added value to this exercise. Remember everything in life has a cost, even good things cost. There are side effects for medicines can be fatal. There are always pluses and minuses. The costs to to whatever people do can be sometimes measured in dollars, perhaps jobs, environmental damage, and/or in social and  cultural change.

   You need to find 5 articles.

  1. One that you see as very good

  2. One that you see is not so good

  3. One that directly concerns the kind of work you hope to pursue

  4. The other 2 would be simply about something that you find important and/or interesting.

  Write a brief (1/2 pg) summary about what each of the articles.

 Your assignment must contain the following:

v The 5 articles must be included with you assignment.

 v The name and date of the newspapers or source.

v The 5 summaries must include why you chose them and their relevance