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This was actually our second biannual Coast Guard/CBU/Marconi tour. We did NSCC Marconi Campus the first day and  CBU and The Canadian Coast Guard College on the second day.
NSCC Marconi Campus

There was much to learn about the campus, campus life, and how NSCC training and University can work together. One interesting static we learned is how last year they turned away over 2000 people at Marconi alone, and this year they turned away over 3000. We learned that NSCC teaches a lot more than just trades and technology.
They also deal with health care They also have business and art related programs  They were also kind enough to feed us before we hit the shops

Cabinet Making

Pretrolium Processing


2 brothers hooked up in Industrial Instrumentation

Everyone had to check out the toys in the small engine shop.

We toured the brand new industrial wing as well. Everything was really clean and laid out really cool.


Our morning started off at the "Great Hall" From there we checked out the Soccer field in the dome and the track.
We went into the dorms to see what they were like. The Gym, the home of the CBU Capers was really large.
They have a very large library Some of the classes are just a bit larger than ours This was part of their new science department. The living wall was really cool
Our tour guide was very gracious. He offered us lunch. but we had a dinner date at the Coast Guard College. He shared with us his personal experience at CBU. He told us how he had learning problems and how CBU is committed to helping their students. Besides the small classes that make a difference, it is the understanding and support of CBU's staff that truly insured his success.

Canadian Coast Guard College

We started off our tour by filling ou bellies with a very tasty dinner.

That is where we met up with our first Dalbrae graduate to attend the Coast Guard College. He is in his first year in the Marine Engineering Program. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

One of our students was dropped off 1st thing in the morning to shadow cadets for the day as well.

Both these guys were saying how awesome the place and the programs were. We soon began to see why.

The facilities were really cool.
A couple of faces here ring a bell. Everyone was so obliging and informative. We felt very welcomed.
They had large, neat welding, machining and maintenance shops full of gear
Boats, boats, boats!! Look at these puppies!
They had a new state of the art simulator for Marine Engineering

The boys really enjoyed messing with the mini practice ship that simulated winches on a real ship.

We all enjoyed sailing in the wicked new Navigation simulators. We sailed into Halifax in fog, at night, in the rain, in the sun; with helicopters flying by, boats in our way and so on. What a video game and a half.
We gotta hand it to the Coast Gaurd, they have some really cool toys.

If heights are not your thing, don't try walking on a grated floor from up here>>
We truly had a wonderful time here. Everyone was soooo nice and informative. What an opportunity it would be to get your career started here. You actually start off as an employee rather than a student. It is a lot of work, but what a return for your efforts.