CB Tri-tour/Mini Co-op

Home Up Skills 2010 & Cape Scott CB Tri-tour/Mini Co-op

This was an action filled 2 day trip. Day one had us tour 3 post secondary institutions in the Sydney area; The Canadian Coast Guard College, NSCC Marconi Campus, and CBU. The morning of the second day was a hands on exercise where our students participated in a mini test drive at Marconi.
Our first stop was at the Canadian Coast Gaurd College in Westmount. We got some exercised as we toured the grounds.
Once we were introduced to the college and were enlightened about the requirements and opportunities, we were shown what life is like while a cadet trains to be a marine engineer or marine navigator for the coast guard.
They were so good to us. We saw their accommodations,  where they study and we then we sampled their fine cuisine. In fact we filled our boots with an awesome dinner.
Special Update: The young gentleman highlighted here sampling the food began eating here on a regular basis in the fall of 2011 where he began his Marine Engineering training here with the Canadian Coast Guard.

We saw their simulators where they learn to run a ship.

  We toured their shops where they learn to maintain and keep the ship running. What a place to start a career!!
We saw boats and models and learned plenty about becoming a coast guard officer. They treated us so well. This was a great start to a big day.
We went to
NSCC Marconi Campus
We got an introduction to Campus life and opportunities that could result in choosing NSCC. How about this statistc??>>>>
Then we were off to tour the campus. We got to see the various shops and departments as well as received an overview of the progams by the teachers to best inform us of the requirements and opportunities associated to each area.

We saw everything from cosmetology to heat and ventilation to small engine repair. There was a lot to take in, and it got us excited for our test drives the next day.

But we had to check out CBU before the hotel, dinner and movies. So off to what they call "The Great Hall". It is quit a hall indeed.

We had a great guide. We saw where they ate, where they studied, the wonderful (all under one roof) campus, and learned about thier course offerings.
We saw the dorms', the gym,  The Beaton Institute, and one very interesting department that is archiving the music of CapeBreton.
Then it was time to check in, eat and head to the movies.
<<<<Take a look at the extra large bag of popcorn the boys managed to confiscate.
Day 2 was test drive day at Marconi. Students put their hand to:


Culinary Arts


Small Engines





Metal work

 Some of the mentoring came from a former Dalbrae grad.

It all must must have been a bit much for the boys, these last two days. As it was a very quite ride home if it wasn't for all that SNORING!!