CBC/22 Min/Waterfront

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In the afternoon we toured the CBC News studios and This Hour has 22 Minutes studio before sitting in on a taping of This Hour. later that evening.

Meeting Peter Code was a big hit. He was very accommodating as was everyone at CBC. Peter Code explained how he follows the weather and how his hours work and so on. Peter actually later sent a box of autographed calendars to the school which was well received.
Some of us were auditioning for the next news anchor for CBC News, but they weren't hiring. We met Jim Nunn and saw a number of other familiar news people working on their stories for that night.
They showed us how the news room works and how the net work links the country. They explained how technology has impacted the system. one of the obvious impacts is how there once were 10 people working in the studio behind the scenes there can be as little as one or two. The cameras are even remote controlled.
We were given the grand tour of This Hour by the director of the show. We actually got to see some of the dress rehearsal underway from the control room. We saw them putting in the video overlays for the news stories. They had a team of people in the control room including script techs, video and sound people.

How about a $1,000,000 sound board?

Everyone got to try out these Tim Taylor cameras, and of course everyone had to check out the anchor desk for This hour.

Finally that evening we got to be part of the show that night. It was a blast. They had a stand up comic to keep you giddy between scenes. The cast are funny as heck. They pointed us out tom the crowd. It was a trip to remember.

Before we left for home the next day; we checked out the NSCC Waterfront Campus multi-media and sound recording studios.

In the back ground is the new industrial wing under construction at the Waterfront campus.