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This 2011 tour was awesome! Everyone treated us so well and we saw so much. We actually made the news. Check it out>>>

Some of us came as prepared travelers>>

Our first stop was the Chow family Restaurant in Truro.The food was great and it sure hit the spot.

We didn't even get to park the bus and we were witnessing actual taping for "This Hour has 22 Minutes".They were making a spoof of the new by-law prohibiting balls on the playgrounds because of a parent recently receiving a concussion from a hit in the head from a kid's ball.
Our first stop was in the news broadcast control room where we quickly learned that it is pretty much a one man show. He remotely controls the cameras, the lights and virtually everything you and the anchor sees.
Our next stop was the actual news room where we met Tom Murphy and Amy Smith. Two of our students tried to fill in for them. Then our twins thought that because Tom was an identical twin, they could perhaps have a chance.  http://www.cbc.ca/newsatsixns/team.html
These guys didn't make it as news anchors, so they decided to try it as weather people. NOT!
Peter Coade was great. We did some green screen and he explained his routine and his way of coming up with his forcast.

Then is was off to the Studio for /22minutes/.


<<<Perhaps the next new addition to "This Hour" The studio was really cool>>>
The director was very gracious. He showed us how things worked on stage and in the control room.

Check out the new CBC cameramen.
Wouldn't we love to have the sound system (shown above) for Strathespey Place. The sound board alone is over $500,000.00

We went and checked in our hotel and returned later for the taping of the big show as part of the audience.

The show was awesome!! We even met some of the celebrities, and we were joined by a former Dalbrae grad.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>.

Thumbs up for CBC and Greg guy, our tour guide, for showing us a great time.

The hotel made quite a splash....even at 5:30 in the morning

NSCC Truro Campus

We weren't done yet! On the way home, we stopped At NSCC Truro campus to visit their animation studios
We saw the different kinds of things they do and learned about their various programming. They also showed us this very cool suite used to animate characters on the screen. The cartoon character would do on the screen whatever the person would do that was wearing the suite.

It was a quite ride home after all that.