CBL 10

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The mandate of Community Based Learning 10 is to provide students practical experiences and activities that will instill in them a readiness for Co-operative Education courses.

Community Based Learning 10  outcomes:

  1. Demonstrate an understanding of and appreciation to their community and it's potential
  2. Demonstrate the behaviors and attitudes of active citizenship
  3. Demonstrate a growth and understanding of the importance of safety in the home, workplace and community
  4. Apply fundamental skills, including communication, managing information, using numbers and problem solving
  5. Apply Personal management skills, including positive attitudes and behaviors, responsibility, adaptability and life long learning
  6. Apply teamwork skills
  7. Demonstrate an understanding of skills and knowledge related to a range of careers and community roles
  8. Demonstrate a commitment to personal growth
  9. Expand the range of artifacts within their LifeWork portfolio
  10. Demonstrate the skills and attitudes required to be successful in a co-operative education course

We will try to do 3 mini work placements, test drives and a number of tours of various establishments.

 Safety is always a priority. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oHKMDnEJ6I&feature=related