CMTC Cert. Training

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 This was our second bi-annual  Carpenter Millwright Trades College (CMTC) initiative to obtain 4 separate industrial tickets. Last time students got their forklift, Ariel lift, fall arrest and scaffolding safety certifications. Due to changes in the directive of DOE, we no longer can get out forklift and Arial lift tickets. As a result ; this time we got our confined space, Rigging awareness, fall arrest and scaffolding safety certifications.

Even though we did 2 days of theory at Dalbrae, we still had some class work to do once we got to Carpenters & Millwright College. At Dalbrae we focused on the fall arrest and confined space theory and did the rigging @ CMTC.
From the classroom we had to get ready to reach new heights. Everyone had a great time just hanging around for a while to complete our fall arrest which we needed for our scaffolding  training.
The scaffolding training showed us that although construction and working outside isn't just about getting a tan. This type of work can be tough stuff.
None the less we had some real troopers that were up for the task. It's not just the postman that delivers come wind, rain or snow!!
We broke into teams which allowed the competition to distract from the cold. Team work proved to be a very welcomed aspect to the job.
It was cold, wet, hard work, but we felt great about our accomplishments. Everyone was a winner by what they learned as a team and as an individual. These tickets make us work ready at different levels. The paper is one thing and the experience is quite another.