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<<< Click on this button to access your account. If you haven't already, select your fav 5 career choices. There are a number of ways to sort through the career matches within "My Blueprint".

-If you bring up your fav5, click on "filters" you will have the chance to switch between the condensed breakdown and the detailed version to narrow it down to your top 3..

Then take the "Compatibility Quiz" for each of your top 3 picks. The idea is that "you don't want to put all your eggs in one basket". You need a back up option if, for whatever reason, you decide or circumstances dictate, that you change your career focus.


For each of your top 3 picks

-            All information is to be typed.

Whether you know a lot about a certain line of work, know little about a particular line of work, or simply want to investigate a line of work, you may not have even known existed till now; this is a chance to learn some facts. We don't want to base our future on rumours and hear-say.