Service Learning

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Giving of oneself without any intended personal gain.
Donating one’s time to support others or a cause.
Unconditional giving
Just wanting to help to make community better.
Engagement in activities where the emphasis is on a service provided and a recipient.


Service learning
Refers to a  way of teaching, combing  curriculum with providing service to the community.
Supports learning from experience.
Students learn through active participation in an organized experience.
Students benefit from structured reflection linked to curriculum and a service experience.
Service learning is a combination of learning objectives and a service experience, whereas volunteering  does not require a specific connection to the curriculum.

2014/15 CBL10

  This Year the Student Council of Dalbrae very generously matched the fund raising efforts of the CBL10 class to show support to 2 of our own.

2013/14 CBL10

  This was a special year, following a very tragic car accident where we lost 3 Dalbrae students. Students teamed up to help out a survivor of this tragedy that was paralyzed as a result of the crash.

2012/13 CBL10

  The timing of this year's drive had a special ring to it as well as being a double barrel bonus. The CBL class with the help of Dalbrae'e SHOW committee touched two families at a very special time of year.

2010/11 CBL10

This year the CBL class worked to raise money to help man from Whycocmagh who had been waiting for a kidney transplant. Again a car wash, a Mother's Day Basket ticket sale and bake sales helped to make a difference in a family's struggle to deal with this serious condition. These efforts are so well received and such a pleasant surprise tor the people the students touch when they give back to their community.

2009/10 CBL10

This was our first Community Service effort to help someone in our area. The class, mainly through a car wash and Mother's day draw, fundraised to support a young new mom from Mabou battling cancer. Our hearts and prayers go out to them and their family. It was a beautiful gesture that we hope continues every year.
 Students learned that they can make a difference and just how important that difference can be. The financial contribution is one thing, but the thought and support meant so much more to the family.