Energy Skills 2010
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Energy Skills 2010

Once we got our gift packs, including our "T" shirts, we were quickly broken up into career/work information groups/tables. Mentors from various companies and educational fields rotated from table to table to enlighten us about their company and/or line of work.
Two former Dalbrae students give instruction to some present Dalbrae students in the art of pipefitting.
No, you are not seeing double, these two Dalbrae students got to produce some hubabuba and weld some metal together.
In the electronics shop we put together small motor assembly. We also got to do what the power engineers get to do.>>>>>>>>>>>>
Some of us got to make some fancy deserts and of course got to eat them as well. Our Champion desert maker won a chef's hat.
Not only did we get a bag of treats, but we got to take home some things we made.

We drilled steel.

We drilled wood.

We measured

We explored

All in all, it was a great day. Thumbs up for Energy Skills!!