Energy Skills 2011

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As always, The Energy Skills Youth Quest @ NSCC Strait Campus was a big hit.

It kinda appeared that the women were taking over on this trip. They certainly had a great time as did the guys.
For certain there was plenty of excited people here from all over the board. Everyone received their gift packages including their "T" shirts. So once we got orientated, we were off to the races.

Some of us went to electronics

 Others navigated their way to the marine  simulators.
There was a lot to do in Marine engineering between the simulators and the shop work. Man, if they don't find a marine engineer handsome, they are bound to find them handy.
Things were really cooking down in the kitchen. The best part was eating your work. Speaking of eating, we also got a free dinner
We were having so much fun some of nearly blew a gasket so we had to punch out some spears. We got a lot of help making stuff in the carpentry shop. Some of our mentors looked very familiar. See if you can find any Dalbrae grads.
<<<<<Welding and pipe fitting are hot spots these days since the Irving ship building announcement, but I still think Machine shop is where it is at.>>>>>>>>

Another success! Thanks to Skills NS for showing us a great time.