Energy Skills 2013
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We were very fortunate to be able to bring a large group to this year's Skills Energy Youth Quest. It was a great experience, enjoyed by all.
NSCC Carpentry students helped us solve the puzzle in making a project to take home with us. This is always a hit the students as it doesn't get more hands on than this.
As usual, welding is a hot attraction that most want to give a go. Everyone actually gets to at least light a torch and/or run a bead.
It is always nice to see a familiar face, and it is extra special to be mentored by Dalbrae graduates of which there was usually somebody in each program.
It's also great to see women running the show. Besides getting "T" shirts with their new logo, we were also served a yummy dinner which certainly hit the spot. There was no culinary arts this year. Mr MacInnis missed his cheese cake.
Electrical is a popular trade choice these days   Pipe fitting is another trade that many are considering.
There is always a call for Power Engineering out west. They are crying for marine engineers all around the world

As well, there is a big demand for marine navigation
A new choice this year was megatronics where we got to play with some gadgets. All in all, it was another awesome Skills event. We always enjoy this wonderful experience and no doubt there will be a line up for next year's Energy Skills. By the way, one of our crew this year won a 50 I-tune gift card in a draw at the end