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 Options and Opportunities (O2) offers students a more hands-on learning experience. It's designed to help them make successful transitions from high school to work, a career path or a post-secondary program. The foundation of that plan is partnerships - between government, school boards, schools, communities, parents, students and employers. The Option and Opportunity, O2 program is a program that benefits the whole school, It brings funding and support, special programming and exposure, as well as special events and guests to our school.

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O2 graduates are privy to the $8,000 SMU scholarship highlighted in the link above, and/or assured seating @ NSCC for their post secondary education.

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These are some facts related to the O2 program:

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http://www.techsploration.ca/Program%20Overview.htm <<Special opportunities for women working in science, trades, technical and technology related occupations


Grade 11

Students can apply on the first day of class of their Grade 11 year, and applications are encouraged as early as possible in the academic year. The date on which a completed application is received will determine priority status for the O2 student. 

Grade 12

All O2 applicants must submit their NSCC application and their Grade 12 in-progress transcript by September 30th of their Grade 12 year.

The grade 12 in-progress transcript will be used to identify if the applicant is enrolled in the O2 program and therefore eligible for the priority status. If the applicant fails to submit the Grade 12 in-progress transcript by September 30th, the applicant will not be eligible for the priority status

 If additional requirements (portfolio, letter of intent, etc.) are required, they must be submitted by September 30th to complete the application.

If the program choice has specific courses listed in its admission requirements (e.g. Grade 12 Academic Math), these must be outlined on the Grade 12 in -progress transcript. 

Students with IPP on their transcript

Any student with an IPP in any Grade 12 course or their highest level Math course will be required to take additional assessment to determine qualification for programs.

O2 student does not graduate ‘on time’. O2 priority status is available only for the year following high school completion.  All admitted applicants at NSCC have the ability to defer their admission for up to one year, but will forfeit O2 status and maintain original application date.

O2 student checklist:

        Apply online to NSCC – as early as September in Grade 11

        Submit Grade 12 in-progress transcript by September 30th of Grade 12.  Include any additional required documents (e.g. portfolio, letter of intent)

        Confirm NSCC’s admission offer by paying the $200 tuition deposit within 3 weeks



Updated August, 2016


The Workit Youth Apprenticeship Initiative is a province-wide effort to fill the increasing labour shortage in Nova Scotia's skilled trades. Whether you're a youth, parent, educator or an employer, this site has the information you need to learn more about the benefits of youth apprenticeship.


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