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We toured The Irving shipyard in Halifax. Unfortunately because of security issues when producing naval vessels, we were not permitted to take pictures. They were very obliging to show us their operation and very welcoming. It was so awesome to see the same type ship in various stages of production.  
St. Mary's University pulled out all the stops for us. They sent this cool coach to pick us up mand take us to Halifax. They fed us and set us up in the dorums as well.
We got a tour of the campus
They had activities for us to get a taste of what they do in some of their courses.
They truly gave us a great perspective of university life at St. Mary's. We also got to meet a celebrity connected to back home.
We also got to go out on the town. The boys did most of the shopping. After that we went to the movies.
Before taking us home, St. Mary's gave us parting gifts even aft all they did for us. We are so thankful to them for their generosity and insuring that we had such a great trip.