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It is very unlikely that any of us truly stop and put much thought to why we make the choices we make in life. Why is it that we enjoy certain things, are particularly good at some things, or why we can easily stick with particular things? Perhaps if we better realize, or take note of just what "what drives us", we can better discover and focus on the things that will help us reach our true potential bring us the most happiness. The next number of exercises are designed to scientifically analyse our individual make up.

Now that we have general idea of how our brain works and at least one explanation to why or what determines our personality, we are going to look at personality types because our personality types help determine how we learn.

 Assignment b)

*       Take the Visual DNA test, again copying your results, again in doc 1. This survey is done primarily by using pictures.

<<<Video button that will help you discover yourself using "My Blueprint- Who Am I" surveys. You will no longer have to copy your results as you will be able to view them at any time when you open your account.

*       "Click">>> , Do the "Learning Style Survey",

*       <<<Take "the Personality Survey" Briefly  describe your personality type according to your results and note any surprises and commonalities to how you see yourself.

In a couple of paragraphs in doc 2, compare and contrast the results of the two tests and summarize what you learned about yourself. Identify what kind of learner you are, and a couple of learning strategies that should be most beneficial to you.

Based on your personality, everyone will likely have varied learning strategies. Notice the difference in the two personality tests you just took. The "visual DNA test” primarily makes use of pictures, while the “My Blueprint test” primarily utilizes print to obtain their data. 


Below is a second Visual DNA test if you wish to test yourself more: