Three Hole/100 yd/par 3, Practice Course
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Maxi-golf Proposal

What a mid-November day. After a wet fall, we find ourselves cutting sod for our 1st hole of our little par 3 golf course. It was wet and muddy, but thanks to Cabot Links who lent us the sod cutter, we went at her.
This 1st stage was a lot of hard work; cutting, rolling, carrying and piling the sod. The team was up for the challenge just the same!!
Once the excavator From AC Campbell contractors roughed out the shape for us, we had to do a lot of fine tuning by hand despite the cold and wet. This meant plenty of raking, shoveling and wheel barrowing to prepare for the sod. it was a race against Ol' Man Winter because we didn't want to loose the sod and the snow was in the air.
Our hard work was looking good.
Whole number two and the final touches to whole number one turned out to be another race against time. After a wet cold spring, we found ourselves trying to wrap-up before school was over for the summer with the help of Wayne Smith Contractors.
The sod work had to be done differently this time. We were finally seeing
things coming together. We managed to finally get a break in the weather
to plant our seed. Cabot links was kind enough to donate actual "green seed"
The work continues with hole number 3. Students spread the topsoil to prepare for the seed