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This contoured cement mini golf course is an on going project that numerous students will gain varied educational and rewarding benefits. As a result of this initiative; students gain insights and hands-on experience in design, engineering, carpentry, masonry, landscape, gardening, and carpet laying. This project started in the spring of 2011. It is expected that the course will be able to be utilized in the spring of 2012. Work in the gardens will continue into the fall of 2012.


We had a barbeque to mark the occasion.

We also had washer toss games and 2 horse shoe pits

  We were looking for a golf pro and narrowed the search down to these last two candidates.  

We also had 3 chipping nearest to the pin sites.

The main scene was on the green where young and old got to test out the new course.

Our O2/Co-op Consultant from the board found the course a bit challenging.

We gave out 3 awards on this day. Darryl MacDonald received a plaque for being the Most Committed Worker on the project. Greg MacDonald received the Most Dedicated award, while Ryan MacKinnon got the Most Improved Worker award.