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Once a student has participated in a one or two day mini co-op they are to reflect upon, and record their experience. This a record of their work and a testimony of how they felt about their experience which makes it an excellent entry for their portfolio.

It is up to the student to decide on the format in which to record and deliver just what they experienced and their thoughts about what they were exposed to. For example, it maybe a  PowerPoint presentation or an essay type of record.

No matter the format, Students should make it attractive and neat as it is intended as a major entry for their portfolio.  The use of images and so on is strongly encouraged to personalize the exercise and make much more interesting and attractive. Students are recommended to make use of pictures taken while on the job by the teacher or the host, as well as images from the internet of the work place and/or the product or service provided at that place of work.

            All submissions need contain the following elements:

                             A title or title page

                                An Introduction

                        General Overview of your Experience cation)

                                    A Conclusion