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Inverness Academy for Dalbrae Academy
Career Dev 10 classes from Dalbrae Academy and Inverness Academy traveled together by bus to a the
NSCSC Trades Exhibition Hall at Ragged Lake Blvd., Halifax
. The Hall features 14 interactive exhibits (booths) where visitors can learn about construction careers by participating in a variety of hands-on demonstrations and speaking with industry professionals at different stages of their careers. Students had Pizza & soft drink lunch @ the Exhibition hall.
St Mary’s University for a campus tour. We had 30 minute info session, followed by a tour of the campus. This will finish at 5pm followed by supper at no cost to the students. After supper; we will register for our rooms @ St. Mary’s for the night. The evening activities include a tour of the new Halifax public library followed by a movie. Morning Breakfast will also be provided on the St. Mary’s campus at no cost.
Dexter Institute, one of Nova Scotia's leading educators for entry into the heavy civil construction industry. Our tour and simulator exposure begins @ 9:00. Lunch was be provided @ noon before we hit the road for home.