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This an opportunity to experience different kinds of career types and make new friends. We tandomed up with Inverness Academy to get a taste of trade, media, university as well as tourism/historical environments.

Our first stop was @ CMT where we had pizza for lunch. Students interested in trades stayed on to obtain their scaffolding awareness certification. This was a great hands-on experience. Safety and team work were the focus.
The rest of us went to tour CTV studios where they shoot CTV News Atlantic/Live at 5, The CTV Morninig Live and so on.  Despite them being so busy preparing to cover the Provincial Election happening the next day, they were so accommodating. It was pretty awesome to see behind the scenes.
We saw Steve Murphy and Jason Baxter. Cindy Day took the time to speak to us and even join us for a photo shoot.>>>>>>>> From here we toured both 101.3 FM Virgin Radio and C100 iHeart Radio stations. Again, everyone was so welcoming.

Guess who is the real DJ.

We all went to the Halifax shopping centre for supper and a little shopping before checking in to St Mary's University.

It was cool to stay on campus. We even had a little Inverness vs Dalbrae basketball game before watching the play off game that night.

In the morning, St. Mary's treated us to breakfast then a tour of the University. It was a great chance to experience a taste of university life.

We finished up our stay with a presentation and question period relating to the programs offered and SMU university life.
Our final stop was on Citadel Hill. Brigadier Pop was our tour guide. We got a history lesson and witnessed tourism opportunities here. Brigadier Pop was actually an engineer student on his first day of his summer job. He informed us of how important the fortress was throough out history, how it was utilized , as well as the fact that it was so well engineered that it was never penetrated. We also got to see and hear a Canon being fired which was pretty cool.