My Role in Life

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young and old, everyone has various roles in life. Perhaps we are not necessarily conscious of the importance our roles are or even that we play a role in various situations. The roles you take on in high school could very well play a big role in discovering who you are, your potential for happiness and success in the future, as well as could planting the seed for a career for you. After all, you learn skills and responsibilities in these roles, often with out even realizing it.

For this exercise you may have to dig deep to discover how and/or what role you play in the different aspects of your life.  You may be a leader on your sports team or in your music class, a conciliator amongst your piers or your siblings. Perhaps you are a mentor at school or at work. Maybe you volunteer, coach, tutor, entertain, help, contribute, offer your services, support or consol individuals or causes. Sometimes we do not have a lot of choice in our role, like when our parents, boss or teacher assign our chores, duties or responsibilities. However, there are times when we are compelled to take on roles because of our interest,  concerns or talents.

<<< "CLICK" to down load the "My Role in Life" chart. List and describe all the ways your role impacts the different  areas of your life.