National Skills Moncton Home Up

Dalbrae O2 students teamed up with Inverness Academy O2 students for quite an experience aboard the ST FX coach to attend the Skills Cananda National Competition in Moncton NB. We received our swage bags upon arrival full of treats. Inside was our passport which we were to have signed at each activity we attended for a chance to win prises.
These Cirrus size tents housed many of the heavier competitions such as:  
This very large event was not only filled the Moncton Coliseum, but numerous large tents outside. Brick Laying Carpentry Landscaping Refrigeration Electrical Helicopter
Some events poured outside such as Heavy Equipment and Aviation Inspection  
There were many types of trades and careers to watch in action both inside and out. There was activity filling every corner of the coliseum Massage Therapy Culinary Animation Auto cad Millwright Plumbing
By no means are all  the activities represented here.....and there was just as much to do as there was to see.
There various Cosmetology competitions ...different Autobody repair categories well as machining
Somebody got their nails jazzed up. How about seeing who could type the fastest. ...or who is the best spray painter? You could cut and lay ceramic tile Check out the pottery wheel
We carved, welded , soldered, did heat shrink We climbed, cut wood both  for real and virtually We even experienced some virtually reality
We made copper whistles ... and lockout tags We made a bottle opener and picked up many other freebees along the way
We got to try our hand at design   There was so much to do,... to see,... to learn. There was literally something there for everyone.
The robot competition was really cool to watch. It went on for the two days as did most competitions Besides being toured around in the ST FX bus, we got to shop and eat together and a really nice restaurant. It was a great chance to get ti know our neighbours.
One sideline we took besides regular shopping was to shop at Moncton's "Brass Pro Shop". Besides purchasing  merchandise, their displays were something to take in, especially the bubble in the aquarium which you acessed through a tunnel. Apparently, everyone had to check it out.
This was indeed a glorious adventure. We have to thank Skills Canada for putting on this wonderful and exciting event. Even more so, we have to thank Skills Nova Scotia for their generous support and encouragement to get us there. Without their financial contribution, these young men and women may never have made these, perhaps life altering discoveries. It was a lot in a short time, but IT WAS AWESOME!!