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Students actually have a choice to interview and research the life experience of someone from their community who has been successful in the work place and/or have a positive impact on their community. It is not necessary to seek out highly celebrated people or notary accomplishments. Perhaps it is even better to uncover some unsung heroes within our community or highlight an unassuming person that you find inspirational for whatever reason, and celebrate their good work and/or accomplishments. Choose to either learn from the example of a "workplace hero" or a "community hero"

Work Place Hero

The point of this exercise is to gain some insight and investigate:

  • what is expected in a real work place by someone with experience
  • how people's skill and development evolve, and are effected by, the changing world
  • the risks and rewards related to certain types of work
  • how our youth are expected to fit into the whole scheme of things.
  • advice and direction for someone starting out from "someone who has "done that and has been there".

Community Hero

Perhaps you know of a big time volunteer, community leader, or cultural contributor within your community. Maybe, you know a person who had to overcome  personal tragedy or someone with physical or mental disabilities yet manages to contribute in a positive manor to the community and/or help others. The purpose of this exercise is to:

  • recognize the positive efforts of people in our community
  • learn from their example
  • identify the various barriers that people must overcome and the importance and rewards of supporting and helping those in need


The format options are:

  • Essay

  • Video

  • Presentation

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All submissions should include:
  • Title page    < Title, picture of some sort, submitted to: Mr. MacInnis, submitted by:....., date
  • Introduction< description of your person and the purpose of your project
  • Images        < It could be photos or clipart of things relating to your topic, could include selfies, or other types of photos including your hero
  • Conclusion   < reflection on this experience
  • introduce your guest and their line of work
    describe the kind of work they do, the position they hold/held, how they got there......
  • reveal their work history
    find out about the different kinds of work they did and how and why they changed jobs and/or positions
  • find out about their training
    <<<learn about the different ways they learned to do what they do,... the hard way and otherwise,... the way they might have rather learn
  • learn about the dangers and risks, as well as the rewards
    get them to tell you about stories in the work place that can open your eyes to the cost and benefits to safety policies,... working hard and taking pride in your work
  • See what they think about young people today and the future in the work place
    ask about their thinking on if young people have what it takes and how technology might affect work.
  • ****Finally; conclude with what impact their story has on you. ****


  • introduce your guest and their particular circumstances
    identify the person and just what inspired you to recognize them
  • provide some history on what got them to this point
    How did they get involved? How did things progress to this point? Is there an end or a solution in sight?
  • Investigate the causes behind the need and the influences that inspired them to address the situation
    <<<include statistics to support your findings if possible
  • learn about the dangers and risks, as well as the rewards
    get them to tell you about their personal experience and that of others involved to best understand the difference we can make when we listen and get involved
  • See what they think about young people today and their involvement in the community
    Do they see young people making a positive difference and is it enough? What role would they like to see young people play?
  • ****Finally; conclude with what impact their story has on you. ****


Perhaps you discovered a highly skilled craftsperson or a successful business person. Maybe it was a single parent going back to school in order to provide a better life for their children or someone who shares their gift of music with the sick and elderly to brighten their day each week. Whatever the subject or who the person, students will design an appropriate certificate of recognition to present to their hero. 

Tips to a Good Interview

  1. Prepare your questions before the interview. Write out a list but don't show the questions to your subject.
  2. Interview in person or on the telephone? It's best to do it in person. Then you can catch the essence of the person in their surroundings and home.
  3. Call ahead for an appointment and pick a time when things are not rushed. It helps set the person at ease. Cultivate a relaxed atmosphere to relieve the pressure. Don't underestimate the time you'll need for the interview.  Time it as to minimize interruptions.
  4. Prepare for the interview, know as much as possible about the person. Do your homework!!
  5. To tape or not to tape. Always inform the person, asking, "If it's all right with you, I'm going to tape this conversation because you may be speaking faster than I can write. I want to make sure it's right." If you record the interview, also take notes.