Putting Green

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As part of our Service Learning initiatives here at Dalbrae Academy, we continue the golf theme by preparing for a contoured cement practice putting green. This will further expand this healthy physical outdoor activity that our surrounding community The first thing that had to be done was erect a retaining wall.

Once the trech was dug,
we installed a form and
poured the cement for the footer.

Once the footer had a chance to cure, we proceeded to construct the forms for the wall. We were fortunate to have a local contractor advise and participate in this valuable learning experience. There are masonry, carpentry and some engineering lessons built into this project.

The form had to be strong and the wall had to fit the esthetics of our mini golf project.

There is plenty of lugging in a construction project

Drainage is an important consideration to incorporate.
Bring on the cement. Cement contains acid that will burn your skin, hence rubber gloves.

Here is a former Dalbrae grad showing us the ropes.

The cement needs to be vibrated to rid of air bubbles and settle.

The truck could only reach so far

The rest had to be wheeled and dumped into the forms. That took a little more work alright!

The final thing after a little toweling, was to insert some rebar that will link the wall to the pad that will follow on down the road. The work didn't stop here however. The next day was spent exposing the newly poured wall.

<<< Another former Dalbrae student was there to lead the work.

We bent the bars for ivy fines to grip later