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The second highest number of US workplace fatalities among workers younger than age 18 occurred in the retail trades (e.g., restaurants and retail stores). Between 1992 and 2000, 63% of these deaths were due to assaults and violent acts. Homicide associated with robbery is the probable cause for one fourth to one half of all young worker fatalities in retail trades [Windau et al. 1999]. Handling cash, working alone or in small numbers, and working in the late evening and early morning hours may contribute to workplace homicides [NIOSH 1996a].
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Like in fast food establishments, young people make up a very large portion of the work force in places like Walmart, Canadian Tire and H&M. Retail and service industries are very closely related and pose many of the same risks.  Check out the duties and hazards in what is the entry point to the work force for much of the population @

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