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Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS)

 <<<"Click" here to see how Thailand's take on chemical awareness is one for everyone to give some thought. ...or.... http://www.who.int/ifcs/Forums/ForumIV/FIV_video.htm Once you enter the portal, down load the means to watch this very Cool message concerning  "Chemical Safety in a Venerable World".

<<< "Click" .....what is WHIMS, anyway?

Career Development/Safety 11 students are required to get their St. John Ambulance-Life Smart WHMIS certification. All co-op students here at Dalbrae are required to get their Nova Scotia Construction Safety Association WHMIS certificate as part of their in-school/pre-placement requirements.
So, do think you know your WHMIS symbols?....enough that you will be safe at work...at home?

<<< "Click" this button to play, scroll to the bottom and choose
"Take the
WHMIS Symbol Challenge"

 http://www.getlifesmart.ca/ See how well and how fast you can solve the test

Workplace Safety - Gas Station <<<"Click"

HazMat safe handling procedures can save your life. Build knowledge, learn about PEL and how to correctly identify a biohazard.



Take a look at how to properly handle materials in the work place. 




Play the robot plant workplace hazard game with 9 scenes, 6 potential accidents and 3 actual injuries.



This clip from illustrates how quickly an accident can happen.
Alberta stats Young Workers,
Ergonomics 4 Schools




Show this commercial:

then let them play the forklift game below;
you can also show Fork Lift Accident Brings Down The Warehouse

Fork truck safety