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Dalbrae students first made a couple of sheds for the Port Hood campground. Numerous students helped put the kits together. There was plenty of work and plenty of things to learn about construction.

Dalbrae Golf Clubhouse

Finally, we got the Dalbrae golf clubhouse project underway. This building will not only serve as a place to house our golf equipment, but also as a warehouse for various gym and track equipment. This project is being built from scratch. We built the walls separate, taking into consideration the proper spacing for the sheeting to avoid waste. We also included the inside wall nailer corner studs and the fire blocks. The building is 10' x 12'. When producing the walls, it is important to also consider which walls go full length, and which will accommodate the thickness of the adjoining walls in order to maintain the desired dimensions.

We protected our power source running through the drive from damage and for the public's safety    

Then we erected the walls on our pre-poured pad. We also added temporary corner braces to square it up and some missing fire blocks.  
The next job was to fasten the walls to the pad. We had to drill the holes through the bottom plate and into the cement in order to permanently bolt them into place. Once it was secured to the pad, we could start cutting and mounting the sheeting. Nailing on the sheeting, greatly stiffened the building.
Now it was time to erect the staging in order to be able to start the roof. We actually framed up the roof inside where it was warm and dry.
Once the scaffolding was in place, we hoisted the two roof frames into place and framed in the eves. We then sheeted the roof. It now truly began to look like a building.
Next came the tar paper and shingling. We pre cut the caps for the peek. Once the roof was done, it was time to dismantle the staging.