Skills 2010 & Cape Scott
Cape Scott/The Dockyards tour and NS Skills Competition was a joint venture between the Dalbrae and CBHA O2 programs. It was a wonderful opportunity for students to make friends with students from another school, tour 3 NSCC campuses as well as see a whole host of trades at work at the dockyards.

We made our first stop to eat in Truro. It  a good chance to stretch, mingle and the food sure hit the spot. Then it was back on the bus to Cape Scott.
Cape Scott is an actual secure navel base, as a result we were not permitted to take pictures in side the gates. We toured a ship and a whole multitude of shops that build and maintain Canada's fleet of ships and submarines.
We did tour a war ship but the nuclear sub was top secret. We took some pictures from outside the gate as we left to book in for the night.
We stay stayed at Mount St Vincent. Students got to find out what it's like to spend the night in a dorm. As it turned out, it was also another great place to eat as the boys got to fill their boots for breakfast. Then it was off to bigger and better things.

The next day was The NS Skills competition which brought us to 3 NSCC campuses.

Out first stop was NSIT where we saw their machine shop, Millwright and electronic shops to mention a few.
There were only a few competitions going on here, but we got to checkout this large facility which was undergoing a facelift at the time.
  There was construction going on at this campus including a whole new front entrance  
  Then we were off to Akerly Campus which is an even bigger campus with all kinds to see and do.
Something that stuck out was the gear that students got to work on. A lot were new vehicles that were donated by various dealers and companies
We saw competitions underway in everything from cosmetology to auto body repair to culinary arts to welding.
Some people were taking lots of pictures.
The boys took turns in nut and bolt races where you had to unscrew a number of different size nuts and then screw them back on the proper thread afterwards. The mini excavator was very popular
There assembling activities to test your abilities We also tried on different safety equipment.
It was great opportunity to see and try new things as well as a wonderful chance to make new friends.
We still had one stop, and that was to see the computergraphic competitions at the Waterfront Campus
Mostly what we saw here was CAD, Webpage and graphic design classes and competitions.
In this one trip we toured the dockyards and 3 NSCC campuses. Many of us stayed on a university campus for the 1st time, and made friends with students from another school. All this, besides witnessing a whole host of different finds of career choices. This trip in one word; AWESOME!