Special Projects

Home Up Bleachers Sheds MiniGolf Course Maxi-Golf Putting Green

Special projects at Dalbrae has been dominated by a great initiative that has provided hands on experience for literally hundreds of students  in numerous construction trades. They ended up pouring over 85 cubic yards of cement over the 10 years since we started. We have been developing a golf theme park that includes a 9 hole contoured cement mini-golf course, two 100 yd chipping greens with bunkers, a club house/storage hut, and a cement putting green. Students not only receive safety training and proper application of various techniques and equipment operation, they are part of a team that each year picks up the torch and continues to build on the legacy from the previous class. In doing so, they constructed a recreational facility that is used by the school and local community. They shed they built serves as a storage space for the track equipment as well.

Students had to work on
designs and plans
They had to prepare the grounds

They did masonry work

Carpentry, inside and out
They did gardening They did forming They laid carpet  They also painted and stained
They drove a skid steer They used a sod cutter They wippersnipped Cut holes in cement They also used a tiller
This project has been and continues to be a source of pride for our students. It has been a very inclusive opportunity for students to be part of a team and erect a major 4 part installation. They are rewarded by having ownership on a project that has purpose and will be a testament of their input for a very long time. Between the maintenance and the remaining finishing touches, there is still plenty to do. In addition we have plans to expand the gardens that will complement the memorial stone bench installation. The fruit trees we hope to include could help with the breakfast program