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This initiative was a joint venture with CBHA and Dalbrae Academy designed for students to experience and explore a wide range of careers. We spent the first day @ the NSCSC Trades Exhibition Hall and the second day @ the 2015 NS Skills Competition and Career Exhibition at the NSCC Waterfront campus. We made our traditional pit stop to fill our bellies and get better aquanted @ the Chow Family Restaurant in Truro on the way up.

Our first day started early to get the most out of this opportunity.


The Trade Exhibition hall is an excellent opportunity to get a hands on introduction to construction trades. They call it trade emersion. They have actual trades people representing their trade to share their expertise. Everything is hands on.

Before we got our hands dirty in the main hall, we had to go upstairs to attend an orientation session just as you would prior to be permitted on any construction site. "Safety First!!

Every construction starts with, and finishes because of project planning, so we played the planning game. We had to square off in the hammering  competition Learning about confind space could be a life saver some day
We got a taste of a number of trades by playing with their toys/tools of the trade like the mini-excavator as a heavy equipment operator We tried dry walling
We gave a hand at sheet metal Check out your fear of heights as a scaffolder.

 Everybody had to try bricklaying with a tradesman from Cheticamp, even Mr. MacInnis

We also met an ironworker from Margaree who introduced us to some tricks of his trade
We bent pipe with the electrician We soldered copper tubing with the pipefitter
Check out the virtual welder >>>>>>> We also learnd about the important role of the labourer in construction


This virtual paint booth was pretty cool as well

All in all, it was an awesome day.

We went to the Halifax shopping Center for supper and a little shopping. Later we took in a movie, then we had to get ready for another early morn.

Skills NS competition and Career Exhibition @ The Water Front Campus (pics coming soon)