Triple Sydney Tour
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Our CBL10 class, along with the Inverness Academy CBL10, traveled to Sydney for a two day experience. On the first day toured CBU and The Coast Guard College. After staying at Cambridge Suites for the night, we toured Marconi Campus and did a mini test drive in a program of our choice, before heading home.

Cape Breton University very graciously showed us their campus, their residences and the indoor soccer field of which they have access. They gave us great insight into their programs and college life at the same time. Right off the bat when we got their, we met a Cape Breton celebrity who is going there to get his degree. To top it off they hosted us to an "all you can eat" awesome dinner in their residence.
The Canadian Coast Guard College was our next stop. The Marine navigators learn how to drive a wide range of vessels. They also learn how to do search and recue and police our waters.  They showed us their many toys. We learned that their students are separated by the waterline. The marine navigators work above the waterline and the marine engineers are kept below the waterline. The Marine engineers are trained to become a jack of all trades. Welding, machining, plumbing, electrical and heat and ventilation to name a few.
Both the Marine Navigation and the engineers had multimillion dollar simulators. These were truly the most expensive video games we ever saw.

Marconi tour and mini test drives

We did test drives in art design, social work and nursing. Most of the guys found themselves in small motor, auto motive or heavy duty mechanical. Little brother even found big brother.
We started with an introduction to college life and a tour of the campus. We were informed about the wide range of programs offered at Marconi.

Marconi staff was very accommodating and informative. They also treated us to lunch before we hit the road. This was a great place to wrap up a great trip.