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This clip from illustrates how quickly an accident can happen. Scroll down and click on the clip.

Safety should be your the number one concern while in any workplace environment. Test your work place safety knowledge by playing "Fun Quizzes". To make it more interesting; complete one quiz then choose to Challenge a Friend or even a couple of friends by clicking "Challenge Another" friend. If you don't see that link, simply click on the "e-mail" button and challenge a friend.These challenges are based on the rules and regulations of the province of Alberta which may differ somewhat from that of Nova Scotia, but safety is safety.

 People often think that danger only lurks in industrial environments. The fact is anything that can hurt you at work should be considered dangerous. All work place environments have danger concerns/hazards that should never be neglected. Yes, there are even hazards in office work.

Enter the >>>Virtual Office<<< "Click"
Note: Have fun and actually try clicking on some of the wrong answers just to see what might actually happen. You may be surprised. Too often we under estimate the serious consequence to making the wrong decision in the work place.