Positive Effective Behaviour Supports

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Dalbrae Academy is proud to be a leader in adopting and implementing Positive Effective Behaviour Support (PEBS). PEBS is an initiative that helps schools create a positive, safe and learning rich environment. The purpose of school-wide PEBS is to establish a climate in which appropriate behaviour is the norm. We are committed to providing our students the academic and social-behaviour skills they need in order to be successful in life. PEBS is an important part in achieving that goal. For students that are experiencing behavioural challenges, even with school-wide interventions in place, schools will create support plans that will help the students make better choices and allow the teachers to develop strategies to help reach the students potential.  PEBS is building a culture of respect and providing support for those that need it the most.

 PEBS looks at what our students CAN DO and ARE DOING!