Research Assignment


Grade 12 PT

Individual Research Project


This project is one that is meant to have students explore a local industry/business, a potential career area, or simply the mechanics of some area of curiosity related to "Production" ( perhaps one of which there is or has been some exposure).

This project is to concentrate on the " production systems"; practices, equipment and so on that make a particular business or industry competitive and successful. In PT we talk about the 7 mís of production, but for the purpose of this project, and partially because of the overlaps with the Entrepreneurial Program, we can put a heavier emphasis on Methods, Manpower, Machines, Material with lesser concentration on Management, Market and Money.

The Introduction to the project should include a brief overview of the company, the product and why you chose this project. Describe how you are to approach this topic. Utilize as many statistics as possible that relates to your topic.You may want to use statistics to describe the impact of this area of business in general, and/or the impact of the business itself.

Projects are to be completed by June 12. All projects must first be approved by submitting proposals by May30 th. You may negotiate not only your topic but how you wish to develop and present your project. For this reason it is highly recommended that you submit early. If you do come up with an original format you must include a "proposed" assessment scheme as well. The format to be followed otherwise, is as follows: