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our survey should identify:

You might try to find out:

You need to ask your questions in a manor that will insure the answers are relevant and manageable. For example: When you are trying to establish a reasonable expected price range; you don't ask 'WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO PAY FOR THIS ITEM?". That kind of question is too open ended and could produce some useless and even ridiculous data. In stead you might ask: " WHAT WOULD EXPECT TO HAVE TO PAY FOR A WELL CRAFTED ITEM LIKE THE ONE SHOWN? Then offer some price ranges to choose from, starting from very low, to a break even, marginal profit and a slightly over priced possibility.
To save paper and make all your data easy to extract, you may want to use a grid that is easy to check off. Use multiple choice questions as much as possible.

The following is only meant as a guide:

What age group do you fit? 0-15 16-19 20-25 26- older
You could ask something like:
What best describes you? (you could make it optional as well)
part timer
You may want to ask something like:
Might you consider buying this item........
for your personal use  for a gift suggest it to others not at all
Would you prefer this project unfinished clear finish stained painted